short and sweet and spirit-filled

NaBloPoMo Day 15: Something quick… a YouTube share, a picture, a haiku.. Short and Sweet Sunday.

Yesterday we talked about a service ready before Friday

A sermon about Hannah
and our individual sorrows
songs and liturgy already set
could they be changed?
should they be changed?

Today we talked after the service

a bulletin cover
of a sculpture from France
shedding a tear
that gave me chills.

The liturgy
Lord have Mercy; Christ have Mercy; Lord have mercy on us
As if we knew
But we did not.

The songs
For peace and blessings
Speaking into the darkness.

Only a handful of us knew, I think
That this was printed on Thursday
(I had to ask, “you really changed nothing, right?
You didn’t come in at 5:00 and re-print everything?”
An absurd notion, really.)
None of us knew
and yet the Spirit speaks.

It gives me chills yet.

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2 Responses to short and sweet and spirit-filled

  1. Deanna says:

    Amazing how the spirit works!

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