give us peace

planetNaBloPoMo Day 14: Write a prayer for Japan or Beirut or Paris or Syria or Houston or Pyongyang… put the words out for all to see, even if your words are that you have no words.

I am reminded of a scene from A Swiftly Tilting Planet, a Thanksgiving book appropriate for November. It is Thanksgiving dinner and nuclear war has been threatened.

When they were in their places she automatically
held out her hands, and then the family, with Mrs. O’Keefe between Mr. Murry and Meg, was linked around the table.

Charles Wallace suggested, “Let’s sing Dona nobis pacem. It’s what we’re all praying for.”

…They raised their voices in the old round, singing over and over, Give
us peace, give us peace, give us peace.

And so my prayer is just that: Give us peace, give us peace, give us peace…

This is Marty Haugen’s version. There is a long instrumental opening, and it ends in many voices including young voices singing the simple words: Dona nobis pacem.

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One Response to give us peace

  1. Kristin Berkey-Abbott says:

    I have pulled “A Swiftly Tilting Planet” off my dusty bookshelves–a perfect November book sounds like just what I need. The Marty Hougen piece too was just what I needed. Thanks so much for this post!

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