when i was eight

This was the NaNoBloMo post for day 6. I skipped it that day, but said I’d come back to it.

NaBloPoMo Day 6: When you were 8(ish), what did you want to be when you grew up?

I imagine I wanted to be a teacher because I always wanted to be a teacher. Both of my parents were teachers. I was in school. What else was there?

I think about being 8, though, and it was golden for me. I loved my teacher. My family friend friend was in my class for the first time ever and my church friend was in my class for the first time since kindergarten. His best friend filled out our foursome. We were brilliant together.

I don’t remember a lot of specifics, but I remember the multiplication table and the “dart board” we moved our “darts” through as we passed each level.

The teacher would make a big construction paper card on students’ birthdays that was signed by the other students. We made one for her on her birthday (I’m pretty sure I spearheaded the effort, got the construction paper, passed it around) and a sub walked in. The sub said it was the most disappointed she had ever seen a class when she showed up.

We changed classes for reading groups that year. Most teachers had two levels in a class, but our teacher switched again and we had a single group (it wasn’t my teacher which was disappointing, but still). However I may feel about heterogeneous versus homogeneous grouping in classes, it was amazing to be in a reading class with all the best readers. We made it through the 3rd grade book and went into a 4th grade reader before the end of the year.

3rd grade was brilliant. I loved being 8. As my girl child is 8, I think of it often. I try not to put myself onto her, but I loved being 8. Probably my best k-12 school year of all.

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