the odd thing about part time

The NaNoBloMo prompt today is about days off. Here’s the thing: I’m part time and my hours are flexible. Right now I work at the church on Wednesdays and the University on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but my Mondays and Fridays find me deep into one type of work or the other: I might be grading papers; I might be working on a newsletter; I might be writing emails about upcoming worship services. On Monday my colleague works, so she will call me. On Friday, she doesn’t work so I make myself available to the office if they need a detail I know. They don’t call often (really rarely), and I’m happy to do it. I’m not off Friday. In fact, I have worked Friday and I’m sure I will again. I stopped when I started taking classes, but I miss working on Friday. The day I work least is probably Monday. Unless it’s not. If I’m home alone working on stuff (whichever job, though mostly the teaching one right now), I will happily answer a phone call (please call!).

Here is when I’m off: 2-6 M-F. Once I pick up the kids until Computerguy gets home, taking a phone call is nearly impossible (Mommmmyyyy…). I might do light, interruptible stuff around the house (empty the dishwasher, start dinner), but the computer lies fallow and I’m not getting any work work done for any of my jobs.

Also, as a part-time person who does not have an every-Sunday gig, my Sundays are debatable. I would be there anyway. I might be lector. I might lead a Bible Study. I might teach youth group. I might have the kids class. Those are all things I did or would do before I got the job. Except in rare and extraordinary circumstances, I don’t count Sunday on my hours. I don’t know if I should or not, but I don’t.

Part time: I have lots of days off, except when I don’t.

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3 Responses to the odd thing about part time

  1. Deanna says:

    Busy you are.

  2. amyphaynie says:

    This is pretty much how I work it also – I’m off, unless I am not.

  3. Martha Spong says:

    I hear this! I’m part-time in two calls and trying to write, too, so I’m seldom off, really, but constantly trying to hold the boundaries between the various jobs.

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