Julia offers this prompt for NaBloPoMo:

NaBloPoMo Day 3: What’s your random obsession? The Tudors, tie-dye, the perfect sauerbraten recipe… Tell us a little something about your secret or not-so-secret love.

I have obsessions, certainly. When I like something I obsess over it. Mostly books or TV shows. I have obsessed over Madeleine L’Engle books, collecting ALL of them and reading them over and over. There wasn’t much more place to go with that, though, no merchandise. I did get to a retreat with her (Thanks, Mom!).

I obsessed over Star Trek the Next Generation in high school and college, building a model enterprise and collecting comic books and novels and action figures and so on. Enough so that, much to my parents surprise, I won second place at a hobby fair at our little Southern Baptist church at one point.

I obsessed over Beauty and the Beast, the TV series. I even have a chess set featuring the characters. And I had a fabulous jacket I wore until it was coming apart at the seams. I loved that jacket. I also learned about fan fiction thanks to Beauty and the Beast.
Probably my most lasting obsession has been with Harry Potter. Aside from 2 full sets of books–one American and one British–I have mugs and action figures and my computer bag and all my electronic devices are named for characters: my old computer was Minerva, my newer one is Ginny, 2 laptops were Hedwig and Hedwig 2, my iPod was Dobby, my not-so-smart phone was Winky, my other iPods have been Arnold there Pygmy Puff and Trevor the Frog, my iPad is Kreacher and my iPad miil_570xN.743045614_h2drni is Firenze. My first thumb drive was Pigwidgeon.

Even now, I am awaiting delivery of my new iPhone that I will need to name and instead of buying a $3 on-sale case, I am looking at easy for Harry Potter case
s. I just need to come up with a good name. I was thinking I could get a Hufflepuff case and call it Cedric, but the Marauder’s Maps cases are pretty cool, but then it still needs a name…

When something grabs me, I tend to overdo, but it’s kind of fun.

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3 Responses to obsessions

  1. lutheranjulia says:

    When I’m in, I’m all in… so I can relate.

  2. Deanna says:

    You surprise us, and you are welcome!

  3. bookgirl says:

    As I re-read this, I notice there may also be an Apple Products obsession hidden in there.

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