early morning quiet

I crashed early last night, so I awoke early, feeling rested, this morning. It will be a busy weekend, simply because it is Halloween and (for us) Reformation/All Saints/Pledge Consecration Sunday, though my part is minimal. The kids are going to be spies for Halloween, but they still need to finish creating the costumes.

Treo-700p-Apps-SI am sitting at my computer with eBay screens open, watching telephone auctions. My poor, battered little texting phone is becoming less and less reliable. I swapped out my smartphone (my beloved Palm Treo) for the texting phone 5 years ago when I purchased my first iPad because I didn’t want to pay for 2 data plans. Now I have my Mini iPad that makes a smartphone unnecessary, but it turns out that they aren’t making the kind of texting phone I want, and I can pay less each month for a smartphone plan with data than I am currently paying for my texting phone without. ::sigh::
And there would be some handy things ab2d5190ac6ffa86f652b8c1949bf54a2c.image.220x220out having a smart phone that was compatible with my computer and tablet. So I’m looking for a used one from the former generation. But it still feels excessive. (Also, I am struck that the Palm was only 5 years ago. Smart phones have come a crazy long way in 5 years.) Also, I am positive I will miss the physical qwerty keypad, but that’s what they just don’t make new any more. All the new simple phones have old style number-pad keypads. I never did get the hang of that.

So, I am watching an auction on which I am currently highest bidder. It’s a slightly nicer phone than I had really thought to get, but if I win the auction it will have been a good deal. Meanwhile, I have a second auction on the screen that ends one minute later. It’s the lowest model I would settle for, and if I lose auction 1 and jump on auction 2, I will pay considerably less. I am torn about which one I should have bid on first, but that’s a good thing. If I lose one, I won’t be sad. If I lose both, I won’t be sad, I think. There are many options.

I gave the midterm on Thursday, and, surprisingly, that means I have a lull in grading because it is a course-wide midterm and all the instructors will gather to grade them together. I am nervous about how my students did, about what that might say about my instruction.

On the other hand, I have never minded the exam grading days. When I was first teaching high school, we would give grade level prompts and then have a sub-day to gather and grade them. It was a chance to actually have conversation with colleagues, see what other people do, hear how it was going. This is a scarce commodity in teaching. We are all islands in our individual classrooms surrounded by students with very few chances to interact with one another. (Of course, in about 2 years, the district still made us give prompts, but they took away the grading days; we had to do it on our own time. I used to liken working at that place to “now make bricks but you have to gather your own straw.” They never took anything we were doing away; they just kept adding more. But that was a long time ago now. I have been gone almost twice as long as I was there.) This upcoming grading day will be the first time I have met any of my colleagues except the coordinator.

I was outbid on Phone 1. I am currently the highest bidder on phone 2 with 6 minutes left (things happen at the last minute) and the BoyChild is awake in my lap. The weekend has started!

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2 Responses to early morning quiet

  1. Deanna says:

    Seems like you did get it from our later conversation…#2 that is?

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