the new job

I’m teaching two sections of Management 306: Advanced Expository Writing at the local state college this quarter. It’s an ideal schedule, basically 8-12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s also kind of an ideal class (if it can’t be literature): upper division writing. Along with the freshman writing requirement, every student at the local state university has to take and pass an upper division writing class, ideally geared toward their discipline. I’m teaching the business students. The thing I realized somewhere along the way is that everything they will be doing, I have done in my church job. For them, I call it a non-profit organization, but I write proposals and send emails and answer criticism and write reports and run meetings and so on and so forth. It’s just not that different.

One day in and I really like these kids. They are eager to learn and know being there is a privilege. These are not young adults who feel entitled; they are young adults who know this is their opportunity to do and be something more than what they have seen. They want to learn. It’s going to make it a fun class to teach but a rough class to grade.

I went to a department meeting on Friday. I haven’t gone to a department meeting since I taught high school. TAs and Lecturers don’t go to department meetings; we had one meeting a year they tried to get everyone to, but even those I kind of sloughed off. It’s also the first time in my life I have been part of any department other than English. It’s a little bit of a different world. Here I was surrounded by people who teach business. It’s hard to articulate the difference, but I felt it.

Derek the Ghost, author of the Scary School books, with my 2 and an extra at the book fair.

Derek the Ghost, author of the Scary School books, with my 2 and an extra at the book fair.

So. I have a class to prepare for and to grade for; I have a newsletter to work on; we have soccer and homework and projects and book fairs and other activities. And it turns out there are still dishes and meals and laundry that need to be done (though evidently it is possible to wear soccer uniforms two weeks in a row without washing). Oh, and I have a class I’m taking that is being sorely neglected and a grant I’m part of that is lovely and also takes time.

So. Busy. Good busy, but also a little overwhelming, Hopefully I will hold my Mondays and Fridays open to catch up on all the things that happen in between. Hopefully.

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One Response to the new job

  1. Deanna says:

    What a wonderful commentary on such a purposeful life! Delightful to follow this progression!

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