dog days of summer (or not)

The way this year worked out, we had a slow and mellow beginning to our summer with lots of Active Wii games and Pokemon matches and afternoons at the water park.

2015_0717_14065100Last week Wordgirl did drama camp, so we were suddenly having to set alarms and make lunches and negotiate carpools. She seemed to enjoy it. She was Olaf Sr. in an all-60-participants-get-a-part version of something akin to Frozen. She was absolutely darling, of course.

On Saturday I picked my cousins and family up from the airport. We got to enjoy some cousin time before the masses gathered Saturday afternoon to spread Grandma’s ashes in a rose garden on the first rainy day we’d had in months and months. I suppose I am grateful for the participatory and physical nature of taking ashes in our hands and placing them as we wish, but I missed the sacredness of a liturgy. Then we all trooped together to the favorite spaghetti place and had a loud dinner gathering. So loud.

Sunday, I stepped out of family time for a big church day. We hosted the congregations first ordination service in several decades. We held a lovely contemplative prayer service in the chapel in the morning for those who needed 10:30 a.m. church (which I got to plan) that made me wish we could do that more often. We said 25 would show up. That was just about on the mark. At 4:00 was the ordination, and much of the congregation came as well as family and a few people from the Presbytery. Those who participated in the service were… wait for it… a balance of Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, women and men. There was one hiccup, but we got it covered, and it was really a good service. The sermon was short and sweet. The charge to the candidate was personal and intentional and emotional. The charge to the congregation was specific and good-humored and thoughtful.

The family left Sunday afternoon for the big camping reunion. I will join them shortly.

The girl child earned an amusement park ticket this year that expires soon, and Computerguy has a birthday, so we are going to try to head out during one day of camping to the amusement park.

On Saturday we fly to the midwest to cruise down the Mississippi on a steam boat (St. Paul to St. Louis) to celebrate CG and his dad who both have milestone birthdays. This is his mother’s big dream.

When the cruise ends, CG will fly home and the kids and I will see road trip to see a cousin in Indiana and a friend in Tennessee.

Then we get back on Saturday and school starts on Tuesday and in between there is a reptile show that we have promised Wordgirl we will attend and probably get her her long-awaited gecko.

So… Let it begin…

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2 Responses to dog days of summer (or not)

  1. Elizabeth Nordquist says:

    Traveling mercies. Think of you often on your Journey. Savor and be thankful.

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