summer monday musings

Once every 4 years, I become a soccer fanatic. I really enjoy women’s soccer, so I try to watch as much of the Women’s World Cup as I can, but I kept thinking it was recording on the DVR and it wasn’t. I finally figured out why: we didn’t get the channel they were being shown on. Duh. On Friday they were finally on a channel we get, so Wordgirl and I watched both matches: Germany vs. France and US vs. China. Germany vs. France was a tough match to watch. 1:1, overtime, penalty kicks. On Saturday, the matches went back to the channel we don’t get, so I figured out how to watch them through cable on-line, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun. We have a big TV and good sound. It makes a difference. (I actually fell asleep in the last few minutes and missed Japan’s only and winning goal.)

Saturday, we also finished our own Spring soccer season with Wordgirl’s soccer party. Her 18-year-old coach gave each team member an award. Wordgirl got “Best Role Model” for always being a good sport and listening and leading the others. It’s a good award, and fitting. My kid may never get one of the actual playing awards (sorry, kid), but she can work hard and be a good sport. Grateful for the younger AYSO teams where that’s what’s emphasized.

Sunday worship was really good. We had a guest preacher (who was already going to be there to celebrate her aunt’s 90th birthday on a week our pastor is almost always out of town), so I was on deck to make sure everything went smoothly and to do the welcoming and the prayer. We had a young adult lay reader. It was a crazy week, and we had for a couple weeks been trying to find a male lay reader to balance a female guest preacher and me (we don’t always do this, but sometimes we do), and no one was around that weekend until College Boy said Yes! and he turned out to be the perfect choice for the week. He really likes doing it, it’s a way to keep him involved, and he is a lovely reader and and inviting presence, the kind of kid everyone is fond of. The guest preacher was terrific (no surprise knowing her family), and the sermon was very different from our normal, but no less excellent (and our normal is as good as it gets).

We went out for Faux Father’s Day Sunday afternoon. We saw Inside Out which was really fun. Even Shyguy made it through about 2/3rds before he started asking to leave. Computerguy thought it was very well done. I think the prime audience, our 8-year-old girl, was most enchanted, but it was really good. I would like to see it again (and I’m sure I will, though probably not in the theater).

Now it’s Monday and we’ve been playing active Wii games which is a positive, and are heading to the library soon for a kids’  poetry program. I hope it’s done well. Last week was good, but it got long. I’m working Wednesdays and home the other days. We have libraries and waterpark passes and maybe we’ll do a beach day. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, it’s really hot and there are ants everywhere.

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One Response to summer monday musings

  1. Deanna Long says:

    Nice reflections! We saw inside out too. Kendra does seem a perfect age! Ants are ants!

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