friday five: fast and furious cuisine

Deb brings us this Friday Five that appealed to me:

I know RevGals is not a cooking blog. But, I also know that we clergy balance multiple tasks, roles and responsibilities. And many of us want to keep eating healthy and serving with stronger, healthier bodies. At the same time, unless you are living with a personal sous chef, you’re throwing dinner together in between afternoon office hours and evening meetings, sometimes with a little homework and soccer practice thrown in the mix. So, for this week’s Friday Five, tell us:

1) What’s your tried-and-true recipe for picky eaters?

Tacos. Put out ingredients separately. Make sure there are flour tortillas.
Pancakes, ham, scrambled eggs, fruit. There’s something there everyone will eat.

2) Breakfast for dinner: totally cheating or a lifesaver? Discuss.

See above. We don’t have time or context to have big breakfasts for breakfast. What people consider “Breakfast” foods I make for dinner All. The. Time. They are staples. I don’t think it’s fair to relegate them to breakfast. I tried not to call it “breakfast for dinner,” but just say we were having pancakes or eggs or baked eggs or french toast or whatever. The girl child has figured out it’s what most people call “Breakfast for Dinner,” but the boy still says he’s had “lunch” on the rare occasions we have those foods for breakfast. And yes, it is a lifesaver. Everybody likes it and it’s easy to make (though uses a lot of pans.)

3) Go-to casserole for potlucks, new parents or your family’s favorite?

Someone said the other day, “We know Bookgirl will bring some sort of pasta and red sauce dish.” It’s true. It used to be lasagne. Now I tend to “cheat” and make it ziti with the same ingredients (not sure why it’s so much less time consuming to make, but it is). Sometimes I do chicken and tomatoes with penne pasta. Every once in awhile I’ll do stuffed shells. Sometimes I think I’ll do something else, and in the end I revert to pasta and red sauce.

4) Favorite take-out place, preferably with a drive-through? (Let’s be real!)

With the kids: Jack-in-the-Box because… wait for it… they can get egg sandwiches all day long. My kids won’t eat hamburgers. They don’t eat more than 3 fries. They are okay sometimes with nuggets, but it can be iffy. One likes hot dogs; the other doesn’t. They gobble up egg sandwiches. So when we need to drive through or make a quick stop, that’s our go-to.

Without the kids: We take our opportunity for that California Classic, In-n-Out.

5) ‘Fess up! What’s your “bad-for-me-but-super-easy” dinner?

Fish sticks and applesauce. Again it’s about the kids. They learned to eat them in daycare, and they love them.
That or a steak thrown on the grill and served with fake mashed potatoes and canned fruit. No other garnishes.

BONUS: RANDOM!! REVGALS version of “CHOPPED” episode, starring you, the tired, harried, cook and pastor who has to feed everyone and get back to church for a meeting in 45 minutes… What would you make with:
a can of garbanzo beans
chicken breasts
sweet bell peppers and
some “Testa-mints”?

Sounds like a salad to me.

Play along on your blog and post your link below, or play in the comments.

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3 Responses to friday five: fast and furious cuisine

  1. Deb says:

    Oh so fun. Thanks for the kid-friendly meals. We are past them these days, but I do remember being grateful for the quick-n-easy fish stick nights! I think ziti is easier because you don’t have to deal with making layers. But that’s just a guess… Thanks for playing!

  2. mrsredboots says:

    I love the idea of your son saying he’s had lunch when he’s actually had a cooked breakfast! My older grandson was most put out when we decided to have fish finger sandwiches for lunch one day: “But you eat fish fingers for tea, not lunch!” But we persuaded him that he could have them for lunch, in a sandwich, with tomato ketchup if he preferred that to mayonnaise, and he thought this was a lovely idea.

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