I am a re-arranger. I used to rearrange my classroom. A lot. Some students would groan audibly  when they would come in on Monday and I’d done it again.

While the kids are with the grandparents for 5 days, I began a big rearranging project. A couple months ago, I brought our extra dining room table* into the “Play Room” that is right off the kitchen and that we had never made great use of and we began to eat in there. The idea was that if we liked it, we would move the hutch into the kitchen/dining space and a couple bookshelves into the “dining room” and set up a study/project room in there. (Later, Mary Ann reminded us of the origin of her Blue Room (last paragraph of this post) and I went, “huh.” So if I subconsciously got this idea from Mary Ann, here is due credit.) So that’s what I’m working on, shifting these two rooms. And I am reminded of how much Stuff we have, and how much of it Never gets used. Is it time to get rid of it or time to use it? Or is it serving its purpose by being beautiful?

IMG_1398I pulled a teenager from church into helping me unload bookshelves and do a little moving. While we managed to get the top of the china cabinet off, there was no way we could get it back up, so right now, the bottom part of the cabinet is acting as a buffet, waiting for the top to be added. The only thing is, I really like it as a buffet. Last night I set our dinner out along it so we could make plates and eat in the living room while watching Big Bang Theory (a treat while the kids are gone. Also, the table is full of stuff due to The Big Project.) Computer guy commented that we could still use that surface as a buffet, but it is different with a big hutch over it. IMG_1396But we have a table full of wine glasses, tea pots and cups, special mugs, figurines that are displayed in the hutch. Could I let them go? Could I let other things go to make room for them? I’m not sure.

sliding-puzzles-1One thing I have said about the house (CG lived here for about a decade before I moved in, and I’ve been here a decade. There’s a lot of Stuff) is that it’s like one of those puzzles with 15 sliding pieces and 1 open space. One has to keep sliding pieces into a new space, adjusting along the way, never taking anything out, but shifting 7 pieces to get 1 into place. Every time I rearrange, I have to find a new place for what we have. I am trying to let go of that mentality and consider actually getting rid of pieces so there is more space. We’ll see if we can do it.

Meanwhile, my parents get back with the kids on Friday, so I at least need to have this mostly done by then.

*The extra dining room table was mine. It had been, I believe, my grandma’s and then my parents had it and I took it when I was single and living alone. I refinished it, and I love it, but it does not have a leaf, and it is small (though it’s round and we can get a lot of people around it, especially if we have a buffet space nearby). Computer guy’s folks bought a new, bigger table and offered us their dining room table that had a leaf. The thing is, I remembered wrong, and I thought it was round when I said yes. It’s not. It’s octagonal. Seating 6 (our most common number after 4) is awkward. I really want a round table. So for now the bigger table is going to be the project table and I am going to use the smaller round table in the eating space, and we’ll see what happens when we have company.

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2 Responses to rearranging

  1. Deanna says:

    Ambitious!,, exciting to view!

  2. Kathie says:

    Digging the sliding puzzle analogy (spot on!) and the thought that some things are serviceable by being beautiful. Especially after staring at a particular bookcase of mine last weekend in hopes of choosing some things to move along for donation. Couldn’t quite do it, and maybe the “beauty” is why. 🙂

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