pop culture?

We have been pretty far out of the (grown-up) pop culture loop for awhile. I more or less keep up with a couple shows that are 8 or 10 years old! Bones! Castle! Computerguy and I binge catch up on Big Bang Theory every few months.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Bones (while I exercised) and started seeing adds for Wayward Pines. I was reminded of Twin Peaks which CG loved and and Lost which we faithfully watched together from beginning to end. I set the DVR and casually mentioned it the night it premiered. We both had energy and willingness to try it out; we both like M. Night Shyamalan films, even the not-as-good ones; and it's set in Idaho (though not filmed there) so CG had an extra pull. I am, and I think CG is, too, enjoying the old fashioned sitting withhout devices distracting us, watching a show as it unfolds. It's a 10-episode “event” series, so they have promised that it WILL wrap-up. I think we can make it 10 episodes.

Meanwhile, my folks made a brief trip to town, and CG and I took advantage and went to see Mad Max: Fury Road. As I remember it, my brother was a big fan of the Mad Max movies, so I knew a little about them. In the 80's I watched a lot of futuristic action films (Terminator, Running Man, Total Recall, so, you know, Arnie's oeuvre). And, I had been hearing surprisingly positive critical acclaim for the film. So I suggested it. We saw it in 3D, and there was one truly startling moment in the 3D. We both flinched. Thoughtful, and not banging-over-the-head points were made about ownership of people and what we are doing to the earth. CG said afterward, as we sat in a restaurant talking about new regulations concerning bringing water to customers, that it was interesting to watch in the middle of a drought. I liked it a lot, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it unless one is into dystopia, action, and violence.

So, a currently airing TV show and a Big Summer Film. We're hip. We're happening.

Finally, the kids continue the Pokemon craze. Shyguy likes his cards and the different Pokemon. He picked a book of Pokemon characters as his book fair purchase a couple months ago and it is his “favorite book in the house.” He loves to have people read him the descriptions, and to give us pop quizzes about them. He is beginning (at the very earliest stages) to read what's on the cards. Wordgirl likes the shows, following the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his friends. I have to admit, I am enjoying them as well. I don't put down my distractions, but I enjoy half following and watching the stories and characters develop.


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One Response to pop culture?

  1. jo(e) says:

    My sons went through a big Pokemon phase when they were young. I still remember the excitement of opening a new deck to see what cards they’d get.

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