friday five: favorite places

Marie at RevGals has visited her seminary and reminisced over some favorite places there. She invites us to “tell us about five of your favorite places. Have fun with it, and make sure to link in the comments if you play at your blog. Pictures always appreciated!”

IMG_13081) The coffee house office. I spent a lot of hours sitting in the back of a coffee house writing my dissertation. It didn’t really matter which one. I don’t do it so often anymore since the kids are in school during the day and I have a perfectly good office at the church with tea and coffee facilities, but today I find myself between appointments and picking up kids and I found my way to Panera for a bagel and a coffee and some computer work. (I just wish they didn’t cut off the wi-fi at lunchtime here. Starbucks is better for that.)

2) The Chapel. I love the little chapel across form our sanctuary. I love services conducted in there. I love small groups in there. I have had meaningful conversations in there. It is an intimate space, and feels like a thin space to me.

IMG_8937 (1)3) The Beach/Ocean. Any beach. If I had to choose one, I’d say Corona Del Mar because it is family friendly and has sand and shore and reasonable waves, and also rocks to walk to and climb on. It’s the one I know best and am most likely to head toward if it’s up to me. But really any beach. Warm beaches filled with people and cold, windy beaches with gulls and cliffs. The photo was on an east coast trip for my cousin’s wedding.

V&T4) New York City. Partly it’s from all the Madeleine L’Engle books, and partly it’s just the energy of the city itself. I love New York City. The energy, the plays, the food, the park. Maybe it was the magical visit with my mom when we lost our luggage and saw two plays and explored the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and discovered the pizzeria described in A Severed Wasp and ordered wine (in the Baptist days) and had bagels and blintzes in the mornings. It was such a great trip, and I have loved NYC since.

lww5) Narnia. The girl child and I have just finished The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. 35 years after discovering it, I remain enchanted by the world C.S. Lewis created, and am happy to return any time. It’s fun introducing my daughter to one of my favorite places.

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2 Responses to friday five: favorite places

  1. Deanna says:

    For me too! New York City became real to me on that truly magical trip!

  2. Marie says:

    Ah yes – NYC! Energy, fun, and St. John the Divine.

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