friday five: they say it’s your birthday

Birthdays are always fun, and we begin a spate of them here in February. The girl child turns 8 on the 16th, and then over the next 2 months, the whole carpool gang will turn 8 (and the Boy Child will turn 6), and the milestone for the 2nd graders is No More Boosters (unless the seatbelt doesn’t fit well). And except in Tennessee where we might visit this summer. They go to 9.

Today’s Friday Five. 3dogmom says:

In my family, February holds the most birthdays across the generations: my father, my grandmother, my brother and my son were all born this month. Throw in the presidents (and other friends) for good measure and there’s lots of celebrating going on! That got me thinking about birthday customs and traditions, and I’d love to hear about yours. For today’s FF share with us:

1) Are you a cake or pie person? What type do you savor on your big day?

I’ve done something like this before because I know I’ve said this before: Angel Food Cake with icing. My kids want brownies for their birthdays this year. They kind of pick at pieces of cake.

2) Growing up, did you have a favorite “birthday meal?” How about now?

Pot Roast. Fried Chicken. Steak. I guess I like a meat and potatoes kind of birthday. Turkey/Chicken tacos also work. Computerguy is a lasagna guy. The Girl Child is asking for shrimp and crab this year.

Wordgirl's 6th birthday: Art Party Rainbow Art Cake

Wordgirl’s 6th birthday: Art Party Rainbow Art Cake

3) What birthday traditions or rituals from younger days have followed you into adulthood?

Shyguy's 5th Birthday: Plants Vs. Zombies: Zombies on the Roof

Shyguy’s 5th Birthday: Plants Vs. Zombies: Zombies on the Roof








I can’t think of any particular rituals other than the standard ones. Cake. Dinner. Celebration. Computerguy would decorate his own cake for his birthday, and he has brought that forward, helping the kids decorate their birthday cakes (or brownies this year, I guess).

4) What’s the most memorable gift or celebration you ever received for your birthday?

When I was 21, my parents threw me a surprise party with people from college, from church, and family. They totally pulled it off. My birthday is always near (or on) Mother’s Day, so they had the party on Mother’s Day. I came to their house from church expecting to celebrate Mother’s Day (I had stopped to buy a card–‘cuz that’s the way I roll–so I was slow getting there). As I pulled into the driveway everyone gathered around the front door in spite of my mom trying to tell them I would come through the garage. I came through the garage and looked over at all my friends huddled around the front door waiting to surprise me. We were all surprised.

5) How do you like to celebrate others on their day?

For friends, lunch out sometime in the vicinity of their birthday.

If you play the Friday Five on your blog, please share the link in the comments so we can read your responses and show some nonbirthday love! Unless, of course, it IS your birthday today, in which case we want to make a fuss.

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One Response to friday five: they say it’s your birthday

  1. deanna Long says:

    Love Kevin’s original guidance on frostings! And so glad you were 21st surprised!

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