a few things

oliver bat suitThe kids have discovered Wild Kratts. They watch it, play it on the computer, and engage in hours of imaginative play based on it. Them saying “Activate Creature Power” reminds me of a couple other siblings saying “Wonder Twins Powers, Activate.” The boy child especially offers the most amazing and specific facts about various animals. It was a good find. (Photo of ShyGuy in Bat Suit from Wild Kratts website.)

I have been deeply involved in all the preparations for Advent and Christmas at church, more so than the last two years where I’ve had discrete tasks (i.e. Children’s Pageant). It made it particularly wrenching to leave to the in-laws for Christmas Eve and the First Sunday after Christmas.

The kids have one more week off. They’ll spend it in Arizona with my folks, I’ll join them On Thursday if all goes as planned.

3 kings cakeSince they’ll be in Arizona on Epiphany, and since gooey cinnamon rolls had been a little scarce this season, we made cinnamon (as opposed to fruity) 3 Kings Cake yesterday for New Years. I used the roll dough from the AllRecipe version of “Clone of a Cinnabon” and the instructions from the Betty Crocker Quick Mardi Gras King Cake. It turned out well, with a nice gooey center. I may have made the icing too runny, but it’s a minor problem. Wordgirl found the coin when we had it for breakfast this morning. (Betty Crocker’s is prettier, but this was yummy.)

Happy New Year! Hoping I will revive the blog more regularly this year. I’m in one of my periodic moments of wondering what I really want to do with it.

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  1. I’m selfishly hoping you’ll blog more in 2015. I’m always happy when I see you’ve posted something new.

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