friday five: the advent of advent


MaryBeth offers this contemplative Friday Five:


Advent is coming. I tell you this, not to panic you, but as a quiet invitation.

This time of year can be so busy with planning for Advent and Christmas, for those who work in churches and we who live close to them. Today, I invite you to sit quietly…as Mary sits in the photo above…and consider five things about Advent. They might be images, practices, hymns, anything you like. Just let the thoughts wash over you. Be peaceful with them. Be blessed with them.

“O Come O Come Emmanuel”
(I once tried to make an Advent playlist from music I already owned and had available on my computer. Out of 12 songs, 6 of them are versions of “O Come.” It’s THAT song, and it’s hard to find Advent music on a bunch of Contemporary Christian Music Christmas Albums.)




(Advent is the liturgical season that has been embraced by some evangelical churches. In elementary school in the missionary community in Taiwan the Finnish Lutherans brought us the Advent Wreath. In high school, the Baptist church lit an Advent Wreath. It gave me a taste and sparked a desire for and interest in Liturgy and the Liturgical Year. After college, my roommates and I would decorate the apartment and sing Christmas Carols and have an Advent wreath.)

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4 Responses to friday five: the advent of advent

  1. Elizabeth Nordquist says:

    two really good Advent books just out that iIreceived for review: 1) Jan Johnson, Taste aand See, a four week study on the peole of the Nativity story, and 2: Sylvia (?) McBeth, The Season of the Nativity; she wrote Praying in Color, and describes herself as an Advent and Epiphany extremist!

    • bookgirl says:

      Nice! Thank you. “Advent and Epiphany extremist.” I love it! (by the way, I am working on a “Review of the Church Year” service for Reign of Christ and as I work on rubrics and explanations for the order of worship, Sandy lent me the Nora Gallagher book you gave her. Fun connections.)

  2. Elaine says:

    One can never have too many candles.

    Have you perused John Rutter’s work? Classical/choral music. Some of it works for me…and some of it does not.

  3. deanna Long says:

    Steve and Melinda Gateley introduced the advent wreathe to the Baptist Church. And it caught on. And how I love “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”.

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