monday morning musings

School started last week. I sent my kindergartner into the world.


1st day






And here, at the end of the day, are the three 2nd grade friends:

2nd graders






This year WordGirl is in class with the girl but not the boy.

Having a kindergartner means I have a few hours at home alone a couple days a week. I haven’t quite gotten those hours sorted as I would like, but it’s a pretty amazing thought. I might even find time to blog. I enjoyed thinking and writing about A Wrinkle in Time in the last couple weeks.

GGMy grandmother died at age 91 a few weeks ago. We all had the chance to see her in the hospital and to say goodbye. The memorial service in my uncle’s home the Saturday before school began. It was a good day. She probably deserves more than a few sentences here. She has certainly been much more than a few sentences in my life. She was a young and fun Grandma to me, and she has always been a part of my life.

Rather than a Kick-off Sunday or Rally day at church this year, we are going to have the children lead worship the week after Labor Day this year (though they have all been back in school already). I planned the service like I have the Christmas pageant the last couple years with our kids and a couple songs in mind, using the theme of the Lord’s Feast (it’s a communion Sunday) and the refrain “God bless to us our bread/and give food to all those who are hungry/and hunger for justice to those who are fed/God bless to us our bread.”

We began working on the service yesterday in our new education format where we don’t lament how few people come for the 9:30 education hour and how many come with their kids at 10:30, but we mix the education hour with the worship hour, integrating the kids into worship in the first half of the service, and, 3 weeks out of 4, having them go to their own Space for the Word (and we are working hard to integrate what is happening in the sanctuary with what is happening in KidSpace so the Time with Children can work as a kind of anticipatory set and families can talk about the same scriptures and themes on their way home). We’ll see how it goes. (I’ll write more about this sometime, but the longer post does not belong in the Monday Morning Musings.) My kid was pretty happy about the change in format. She loves Church School and likes the first half of worship, but has less interest in the sermon and long prayers.

I’m trying to spend some of my Extra Hours purging and housekeeping. I need to move forward with that task.

Tonight I have a Youth Core Leadership Team meeting. Tomorrow night my Circle (Presbyterian Women’s Bible Study) has our annual kick-off for the year at a local Mexican restaurant. Thursday is Back-to-School night. Then I’m finished with evening meetings for the month.

Meanwhile, with two kids to send off to school with their dad at 7:40 every morning, we’re trying to figure out how to make mornings work. I want lunches made and clothes put out the night before, but we keep having late activities and we’re hurried and exhausted for dinner and bed and so we’re not there yet. (And maybe we never will be. I suppose one can learn organizational skills like that, but they do not come naturally to any of us.)

Finally, the GirlChild and I are reading the first Harry Potter book together. She is younger than I had planned, but there is this Lego iPad game and I don’t want the game to spoil the book for her, so we are reading the book. As I read, I realized that right now, at age 7, my daughter is Hermione Granger. I know almost all my close friends and I have a bit of Hermione in us, and most of us can relate to her, but really, my daughter is her. I think she will eventually fight a troll and find her way out of the stage of absolutisms–she is 7 and it is a normal stage–but there it is.

On a side note, we are reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because I do have the British editions of each of the books. I was appalled at the obvious Americanizations in the 1st book, and so I found my way oh so many years ago to and ordered the 1st 4 (I began reading them just after #4 had been published) and, subsequently, each of the others. I don’t think any of the others were as obvious as the first one was, though. I had a poetry teacher in graduate school (a British woman who taught modern American poetry. Loved her.) suggest that there may not have been nearly the brouhaha there was over the witchcraft stuff if they had simply left the title alone and called it Philosopher’s Stone (a real made up thing in alchemy) and not switched it to Sorcerer’s Stone (a completely made up thing that put sorcery right in the title).

So. Happy Monday. I’m going to go try to sort some boxes.

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  1. Deanna Long says:

    Industrious to the end! My girl! One box at a time!

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