anna & anne

I was walking and listening to a podcast conversation about 1 John (the epistle) and Kathryn Schifferdecker (Luther Theological Seminary) said something along the lines of: if we reverse the verse to “Love is God” we get our society’s version where Hollywood makes “love at first sight” or “finding your soul mate” the ultimate goal in life.

My first thought was that Shakespeare may have contributed to this idea.

My second thought was that Frozen plays with that concept and turns it around so that, while love is still the ultimate goal, it is a self-sacrificing kind of love among various members of the community (yes, Anna saves Elsa and the sisterly bond is foremost, but Kristoff also acts in unselfish love as does Olaf).

Then I thought about the Hans vs. Kristoff romantic aspect of Frozen, and wondered what other stories were similar. That’s when it hit me. Anne of Green Gables. Princess Anna bears a striking resemblance to dear old Anne.

anna 2012-05-anne-of-green-gables-bookThere are the obvious bits:

  • Red hair
  • orphan
  • spunky/exuberant

Then there are the slightly more subtle bits: They both grew up in lonely, isolated worlds where they were their own only company. Anne talks to her own reflection as “window friends” or “mirror friends.” Anna talks to the pictures on the wall: “Hang in there, Joan.”

They both have a preconceived notion of what “true love” should look like. When Princess Anna sees that vision in Prince Hans and when Anne sees it in Roy (full name Royal) Gardner, they think it’s real because it looks like what they have created in their imaginations. It turns out that this ideal of “true love” is false, and they find themselves in love with the down-home kind of guy who has been there for them all along, who is actually their emotional and intellectual equal, but most decidedly not the dreamy ideal.

There may be other connections, but that’s my first pass at it.

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