solstice picnic at the peak

gator skaterThe day started with a skating graduation. They invite families to join the skaters for a complimentary skate session (which we didn’t realize and none of us but the GirlChild had socks, so CG ran to the Dollar Store to set us up). The kids wear felt caps that match their level colors and skate across the floor to receive certificates and goody bags. Then there’s cake.

Later, our Mutual Friend (the one who introduced Computerguy and me 11 years ago Wednesday) had invited us up the hill for a solstice picnic on the peak.

wrong year, right label

wrong year, right label

We were joined by another couple and their teenage son. I brought a caprese salad, a salami, and a bottle of wine I had picked up at TJ’s months ago and had been saving for an occasion.

We met at OMF’s house, had a glass of wine, and drove as far up the mountain as we could (and we had the excitement in our car of getting pulled over for pulling out directly in front of a police officer. If it matters, CG who was driving had NOT had a glass of wine). Once we took care of that little side adventure, we parked on the side of the road and–arms and backs full of food and wine and blankets–hiked up rocks and dirt (what our mountains are made of) to a flat rock kind of plateau where we set up our picnic. (We felt sympathy for the solitary woman wearing headphones who was already there and seemed to be attempting to enjoy the evening alone. She left shortly after we arrived.)

We spread out blankets and food and I lazed contentedly, sipping wine and chatting with the women, while Computerguy hiked around with the kids and the teenager flew a kite. Eventually we settled down on the blankets and shared a feast of lentils with curry and chicken with potatoes and cabbage salad and salami and caprese and baguette and grapes and chocolate chunk cookies. As the sun began to set, I read a Mary Oliver poem for Summer and the other woman played her bagpipe chanter and we all watched.

It was pretty spectacular. Old friends and new acquaintances, a celebration of our cyclical world, an evening of something a little different than the usual. It was great and I appreciate the invitation, and the thought put into making an occasion.

I was being too lazy to pick up the camera, so I must content myself with the sunset photos CG took.

sunset 1 sunset 2

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3 Responses to solstice picnic at the peak

  1. deanna Long says:

    Truly charming!

  2. Now…how to celebrate midsummer…

  3. Lovely. Midsummer is now rounding out to full summer. I am loving every minute of it.

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