june 4th

I wrote this last year. This year marks the 25th anniversary. (Also, I suppose, 25 years since I graduated high school.)


I was a senior in high school. I would be graduating soon. I had written my 2-minute salutation a week or so prior so it could be vetted by the graduation coordinator. In the speech, I interwove events from the year in the news, popular culture, and school culture (e.g. people lined up in Russia for food; they lined up around theaters in the US for the opening of the 3rd and final (hah!) installment of Indiana Jones; and they lined up around our school for the sold out performances of Grease, our spring musical). In the speech, I talked about the hopeful student protests in Tiananmen Square. And then June 4th happened. The tanks rolled in. I had to change my speech between writing it and delivering it because what looked hopeful and peaceful had become deadly. It cemented those events forever in my mind.

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3 Responses to june 4th

  1. Deanna Long says:

    Billy and Muerner were teaching in China when it happened. They came home shortly. I do not remember the change you had to make in your speech! You always did the best! I do remember you formulating the ideas for the speech.

  2. I was a busy young mom 24 years ago, with a 22 month old daughter – and barely remember this. I never really watched television. Now that daughter is almost 26 and getting married in two weeks.

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