youth sunday and more

For the second year I am working closely with the youth preparing for Youth Sunday. It is delightful for me to have the opportunity to work with seniors once more. I loved teaching seniors and miss it. We have three terrific seniors this year, each of them bringing a very different element to what we are doing. Last year the kids sang songs familiar to the congregation (Marty Haugen, David Haas).

This year they’re bringing guitars and singing praise choruses, good ones, but unfamiliar to the congregation. Youth Guy’s wife is providing a second guitar, but carefully letting the young guitar guy lead. We took then up to Family Camp, taught them to an interested few in the afternoon (so I was totally surprised that more people weren’t interested in sitting in the lodge with guitars learning the songs, but I think we had fun with the few who were), and sang them for Family Camp worship to introduce them to some of the congregation. We’re also doing one of them as an “Energizer.” Presbyterians will understand this word. I still don’t entirely. I think it means making people get up and move to a song.  Not my thing, but I’m just the “guide on the side.”This is their day to lead a congregation who loves them. It will be Good.

rehearsing for youth sunday

rehearsing for youth sunday

exploring at our arrival

exploring at our arrival

all camp games

all camp games

We just had Family Camp. The Sunday morning Family Camp service has become one of my favorite worship services of the year. I created handouts based on “sowing and growing” texts, handed them out, and it was off to the races. People are clever and creative and thoughtful as they put together a service on the fly to be held in the outdoor amphitheater. Also, the youth guy and I received special dispensation to lead communion. A cherished and sacred moment.

the beach last summer with youth guy's kids.

the beach last summer with youth guy’s kids.

The youth guy graduates from seminary in 2 and 1/2 weeks and ends his time with us. He has to complete a CPE this summer and is working on passing his last ordination exams for which language is a huge barrier. Even though he can take them in his native Spanish, much of his theology is English and he’s stuck between the two. Pray for him. I will miss him. I will miss his wife abysmally. The kids will miss their kids. (Wordgirl: but they’ll still come to church even after he graduates, right?) They live an hour away, so we’ve had some good Sunday after church lunch and hang-out times. It’s somehow easy with them.

So… On to Youth Sunday, Pentecost, Farewell to Youth Guy, and Summertime!

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One Response to youth sunday and more

  1. Deanna Long says:

    Youth Sunday last year was very touching! This time of year often causes departures…..staying connected is easier than it used to be, but it’s still not the same as physical presence. You have been close to an abundance of wonderful people!

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