sunday came

the traditional decorating of your own birthday cake with Dad.

the traditional decorating of your own birthday cake with Dad.

Thursday darkness, contemplation, hearing old stories in new forms, looking into eyes, tearing pieces of bread, offering the words, reading a scripture I know well enough to look at the listening congregation, “A new command…love…”

Friday an interlude, a birthday party, a celebration of and for a boy turning 5, a milestone, a video call with his friend in Korea, amazing…

Saturday a mix because life is a mix, people all around, an egg hunt, a 1st-grade-school-friend’s party, the girlchild’s friend a part of it all, final prep for the morning, a drive across town, an easter vigil with the confirmation students, sunrise, bagels, coffee…

waiting for the sun to rise over the mountains (didn't figure that into our timing)

waiting for the sun to rise over the mountains (didn’t figure that into our timing)

Easter baskets, brunch prep, getting family ready, tired, getting out the door, walking into a filling sanctuary, a crowd on the chancel: students, sponsors, parents, participants, a forgotten book, a frantic run, an awkward entrance, a missed cue, and then “Christ is risen…Alleluia…” He is risen, indeed. OK. It’s okay.

Cards signed and delivered, greetings said, heading home, brunch and an afternoon with friends in our home, dinner at another friend’s home, little girls singing, an older boy showing a younger boy how to play the game he got for his birthday, food, neighborliness, gratitude, and home.

Sunday came. Christ is risen; he is risen indeed. And this morning I am sitting at the computer playing catch-up and listening to a playlist of all my songs that have Hallelujah in them. I’ve missed them.

It was good, and it was full of people and events from Thursday night on, and that was good, but for this family of introverts (the jury is still out on the girl child, but still) this is now recovery.

… and it may be Monday, but Sunday’s coming. A newsletter to be done, Youth Sunday to begin prepping, and a Low Sunday service I’m responsible for planning and leading, though not alone.

He is Risen. Alleluia.

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4 Responses to sunday came

  1. deanna Long says:

    What a glorious reverie of a precious, compact, time with love spilled out in so many directions! Definitely now is the time to recover, keeping new tasks in the making! Super!

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