it’s monday morning

It’s been so long since I’ve been here, my blog isn’t showing up on my “top sites” page.

This post is just about life and stuff.

We’re trying to plan something with the church kids on Palm Sunday and realizing staggered, 2-week-long, spring breaks are wreaking havoc on the church school. The charter school kids (ours and 3 other families) still have a week to go and are off until Palm Sunday. The city schools kids are in the middle of Spring Break. The neighboring district kids go back today.

Our middle and high school kids had one week overlapping, so we took it up with confirmation class. It was easier than figuring out an afternoon or evening to meet given band and sports schedules. Mostly they showed up. It was good. For a couple of them, the middle schoolers, I think it was a decent alternative to being home alone. When your mom is a professor with a different spring break and your dad is a dentist and your older brother has swimming practice every morning, maybe come down to church and pondering Big Questions, eating snacks, hanging out with other kids and interested grown-ups is okay. It was a good week. As ever, it felt as if there wasn’t enough time, but I think we did good work. We talked about The Story and their stories and where God is in their stories. They brought in songs for all of us to hear, and they drafted statements of faith. They will bring those to Session Wednesday night. We’ll have an Easter Vigil on Easter Saturday (they voted to spend the night) and they will be confirmed in Worship on Easter Sunday.

Wordgirl was the lector in church for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She and her grandma worked hard on the Psalm she read. She did a beautiful job. She asked me Saturday night, “Do I get to be up front again tomorrow?” I said that it wouldn’t be every week, but that it would happen again. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a child who is a Reader. It’s so great. She brings a book to the table and I get all verklempt. From the moment she was born, I knew that she was completely her own person, and she has never been a mini-me–too many of her dad’s qualities shine through–but this, this reading thing, this is THE thing for me, and I am glad she seems to be sharing it.

d-landWe finally took Shyguy to Disneyland for his long-awaited 4th birthday trip (he’ll be 5 on Good Friday). It was a good trip. The weather was nice and the lines were short. He especially loved the Buzz Lightyear ride and making a light saber (he now has 3 full size ones and various others). If we had taken him when he turned 4, he wouldn’t have even known about Star Wars. It would have all been about Mickey Mouse. I think. We bought So-Cal 3-day tickets, so we still have 2 to use before June 5.


Shyguy’s favorite preschool teacher left for a year teaching English in South Korea. He is taking it equitably. She has promised to FaceTime with him on his birthday so that she will be at his birthday party. He’s planning a big party with an elaborate sword fight as the main feature. (Photos from Ms. Carly’s going away party thrown pretty spontaneously by preschool parents. A couple months ago, I asked Ms. Carly if she would consider chairing the nurture committee. She said she really couldn’t say yes at this point. I wondered what was going on. Evidently, a lot.)

Wordgirl with her favorite preschool teacher. She is currently Shyguy's teacher, and he loves her a lot, too.

Wordgirl with her favorite preschool teacher. She is currently Shyguy’s teacher, and he loves her a lot, too.

Shyguy and Ms. Carly. She was never actually his teacher, but she is his friend.

Shyguy and Ms. Carly. She was never actually his teacher, but she is his friend.

Wordgirl and two of her school friends (church friend and her older cousin whom the girl child adores) are singing “Let It Go” at the school talent show on Friday. They have been working on it for weeks, and the school has actually had rehearsals every week. The older girl’s aunt is now in on the fun, practicing with them and giving them singing tips. It’s good stuff.

The family is preparing for a big Spring Break Road Trip, heading generally to Colorado, but with no specific plans yet. My Former Student now High School English Teacher friend gets married locally on Sunday the 30th, so we will stay for that and head out probably on Monday to return in time for Palm Sunday. All ideas are welcome. The kids are almost 5 and just turned 7.

We’re also trying to do some purging of stuff as a family Lenten discipline. We’re working on it. I need to get back to my part in it. Like now.

So. There has been and is much happening. I think it’s this thing we call life.

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3 Responses to it’s monday morning

  1. deanna Long says:

    Thanks for the credit…it was great fun, and being able to see her performing was lovely!

  2. Gosh I really hate that wordpress does not show a blog roll of recent posts – so I never know when someone has written something new. I so miss that feature of Blogger. Anyway, I hope you have had a great time. And now we are already into Holy Week. wow.

    • bookgirl says:

      Though I’ve always been WordPress, I really miss that feature from the RevGal’s blogger site and others. It seems like someone would come up with a widget that would do that… Thanks for stopping by. I finally updated again.

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