The RevDoc is leading a retreat this weekend. Our guest preacher is the pastor of the Lutheran Mission in the city. He is wonderful. He and the RevDoc have found kindred spirits (soul friends? I think they each pastor the other) in one another, and they would do much for each other. Hence, he preaches for us several times a year.

The arrangements were made months ago, and then his father died and the memorial service was today. He was given the opportunity to back out, but chose not to do so. We are being careful because of that.

The woman who was asked to be lector (lay reader) is a newer member of our congregation who has been lector previously exactly once. She works at the Mission with the guest preacher; for that reason she was asked.

So. I will also be on the chancel, making sure we are covered. I have no scripted parts of the service; no call to worship or scripture reading. Because his circumstances are unusual, I am doing all the “pastoral” parts except the sermon, the extemporaneous bits: the welcome, the time with the children, the prayers of the people (pastoral prayer). I have the TwC mostly figured out. I will work on the other parts in the morning.

So I will represent. Mostly, I hope, I will represent the Christ we all serve, and I will also represent the First Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino as someone the session has entrusted with the privilege and responsibility of being the face of the church, the one who can say welcome–whoever you are, wherever you are–to this gathering of God’s people. Welcome, let us enter in to worship together.

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One Response to representing

  1. Deanna Long says:

    You are a lovely face of the church as well as the heart! Sounds like a very interesting service!

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