birthday valentine

partyWe went around and around about the girl child’s birthday this year (Age 7 on Sunday). We told her she couldn’t have a big party, that we had done that the last two years, and we weren’t going to do it every year. She could invite a friend and go do something or we would have a family gathering. She decided she wanted to invite several friends and go to SkyTown. We didn’t want to mess around with SkyTown food and who would she invite and who did or didn’t have passes. It also became clear that the best day for the celebration was probably Friday, Valentine’s Day. We asked if she would settle for a movie night with basically the same small group of friends and if she would be okay with siblings being invited, too.

The closest friends were heading out of town for the 3-day-weekend, but we invited 3 church families and 1 friend from last year and told the folks they could leave all the kids to eat pizza and watch movies while they went out out for V-Day.

They all took us up on it, even the ones who said they never celebrated Valentine’s Day. We had 11 kids including our own, ages 2-11 with one kid in each family age 6. The kids played,  opened presents, ate pizza and nuggets, watched The Rescuers (Wordgirl’s choice; our hope was it was obscure enough that not many of them would have seen it. That didn’t quite work, but it was okay.), ate cake, and played some more.

Around 9, all the parents came to pick them up. The interesting thing to me at that point was that both parents came to pick up each set of kids. Even the couples who poo-pooed Valentine’s Day, even the couples where only one parent dropped off, even the couples who stayed home and watched movies and weren’t out together anyway came together to pick up the kids. It was lovely.

So our girl had a low-key but fun and exciting party and 4 couples had Valentine’s Day, whatever that meant to them. Obviously, in the end, it meant something. As for Computerguy and I, we were happy to host the kids, and we got two nights out last week.

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2 Responses to birthday valentine

  1. Deanna Long says:

    Your home is a wonderful place to host parties! And Valentines day close to the birthday provided a theme (for the drop off parents)! What a great group of kids in the photo!

  2. Andrea says:

    I love that the kids are color coordinated.

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