post christmas

One day while playing, Shyguy jumped off the sofa calling, “To Epiphany and beyond…” I posted that on the RevGals FB page and got 107 likes. I’ve never gotten 107 likes about anything, not even birth announcements. It was kind of exciting.

tinkaComputerguy bought a set of tinker toys at a yard sale about 15 years ago in hopes he would be able to give them to his child some day. This Christmas was that day. We opened home gifts on New Year’s Day, including that box of Tinker Toys. Wordgirl said, “I am going to build a little sister” (a gift she had on her list we assured her she would NOT be receiving). A few days later, with a little help from friends who had dropped by (whose daughters are now young teens), she did just that. CG and I got to name her because “you’re the parents. I’m just the big sister.” We did consult the sister since she built the child.  The new baby’s name: Tinka Peg. She has been taking care of her and made sure her brother and I were going to take care of her today because “she’s your baby, Mommy.” Shyguy took this responsibility Very Seriously.

IMG_9561 - Version 2The kids have a Little People Nativity set to play with during Christmas. It is bright and colorful and plastic and has stable and inn and sheep and tents and is great fun. I have a wooden Nativity set that I set up high and left there. Today, Shyguy pulled the wooden Nativity out of the box and set it up himself. All the animals gathered around the manger in the stable and all the people stood in a line outside and gazed inside (“Mommy, they all look like they are looking down so they can be looking at baby Jesus.”)

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One Response to post christmas

  1. deanna Long says:

    I love my new grandchild, Tinka Peg! I see she is being protected in a baby carrier. And hurray for blasting to Epiphany! What a delightful post, ending with the wooden manger scene! Grandpa is so happy to have scheduled a return to the scene of action…And I’m planning on early March!

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