friday five: advent confidential

Mary Beth invites us to share Advent traditions as we move from Thanksgiving into Advent.

Advent Calendar1) Paper Advent Calendars: I don’t know if we had these every year or just enough times to remember them. My brother and I would take turns finding the number and opening the little door.

Advent Wreath - Week 22) Advent Wreath in Church: In Taiwan, the Finnish Lutherans brought the Advent Wreath to our multi-denominational missionary church. I thought it was really cool. Later, even our Baptist churches started using Advent wreaths. I think the candles were angels, shepherds, Mary, Wise Men. Clearly, the part about Christmas not yet starting was lost on the free church folks. I’m trying to remember what accompanied the candle-lighting in the non-liturgical traditions. Probably a scripture reading.

the-irrational-season-book-cover13) Madeleine L’Engle taught me about Advent as a season of waiting for both the first coming and the second coming of Christ, about Advent and eschatology. The Irrational Season, I think.

Advent 20104) I bought a wooden house Advent calendar at Costco one year and put chocolate in the doors for the kids and anyone else who is present. They take turns finding the door and passing out the chocolates. Last year we added candle lighting to the Advent tradition. We made Advent candle holders with the kids at church, and I wrote a household advent liturgy that echoed the themes we were using in church and in the Christmas pageant. This year I wrote a new liturgy, though we did not make new wreaths.

5) The last three years the church has prepared Advent meditation booklets with reflections written by church members. They span a wide range of theology and skill, but each one is thoughtful and gives a glimpse into where people are, and how they hear the scripture and think about things.

Bonus: Kristin has some thoughtful ideas for a thoughtful Advent.

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2 Responses to friday five: advent confidential

  1. deanna Long says:

    I just got out my copy of Madeleine’s Irrational Season….Should be good reading during this relatively quiet time~

  2. Kristin Berkey-Abbott says:

    I’m late to thanking you for linking to me–and for reminding me about L’Engle!

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