friday five: the thanksgiving (food) edition

Deb asks us about our Thanksgiving meals:

1. Turkey: love it? hate it? self-basted? fry it or roast it? Tofu-turkey? Tell me more. (I’ve only had one roasted turkey come out totally delish so I’m fishing for your tips!)

Love it. Let my mom make it.

2. Stuffing: bagged? homemade? sage? sausage? cornbread? oysters? nuts? Got any inspiration for me?

From the box. In the bird. May be my single favorite part of the meal (until we get to pumpkin pie).

3. Cranberries: When we celebrated Thanksgiving in Europe one year, our French friends thought we were nuts to choose a very sour berry and then load it with sugar. (Let alone the stuff that comes out of a can in a blob of gelatinous ooze!) What do you do with cranberries?

I don’t do anything with them. My spouse likes the gelatinous blob and puts it on his turkey sandwiches later.

4. Potatoes: (Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew…) What’s your pleasure?

Plain mashed for Thanksgiving. (I love potatoes. Pretty much any way you want to give them to me.)

post-Thanksgiving breakfast

post-Thanksgiving breakfast

5. Pie: I’m married to the Pie Man. Anything but coconut pie floats his boat. What do you make? (or buy?) Pumpkin? Pecan? Apple?

Pumpkin. Make it. Use the recipe on the inside of the can. Eat it for breakfast the next day. (I have to respectfully disagree with Deb here: I really like various versions I’ve had of pumpkin dump cake–described in the original post–because pretty much I like anything with pumpkin and, well, cake mix, duh!, but it is a different dessert. It is not pumpkin pie. I think maybe the flavors are more complex than pie, and at Thanksgiving, I want the simplicity of crust, filling, whipped cream. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

BONUS: A recipe that you’ve tried out and will make it to your table this year.

We’ll go to my folks’ house, and Computerguy and I won’t head out until Thursday morning; therefore, I won’t do much cooking. (Thanks, Mom! I am hereby offering to make and bring a pumpkin pie and rolls or anything else that would be helpful.)

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3 Responses to friday five: the thanksgiving (food) edition

  1. Elaine says:

    Yep…had pumpkin pie for breakfast here as well!

  2. Deanna Long says:

    Love the pumpkin pie….if you have time, bring it with you! We’ll definitely have gelitanous glob on the table as I like it too….not on the sandwich.

  3. Deb says:

    I really like apple pie better than pumpkin. So “Pumpkin Pike” as I call it works because it’s not just pie. Thanks for playing! 🙂

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