wednesday wanderings

advent meditations
and house cleaning
a haircut needed for a fluffy-headed boy
school pick-up and carpool drop-off
homework packets
need bread
no sandwich today for the school kid’s lunch
because I’m responsible for that
and I didn’t buy bread
lost my iPod in Boston
can’t do easy photos for the blog
first world problem, I know
meeting tonight
I eat there
but I feed my family here
how much screen time does my 4-year-old get?
did I mention I need to clean house?
and I am wondering what is next…
and I don’t mean cleaning the house

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2 Responses to wednesday wanderings

  1. deanna Long says:

    I can’t seem to get working on anything either….Could it be the World Series? No. Could it be that I have a sore tooth but did get a dental appointment for tomorrow? Maybe. But I got things cleared out so I could begin working on the website. Tomorrow? That better be a yes.

  2. i love your last 3 lines, and especially the last one–you’ve summed up modern life (as experienced by middle class people–and others?) brilliantly!

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