friday five: babies

Today Jan brings us a baby-centric Friday Five in honor of her new grand baby. Congratulations, Jan!!

Today’s Friday is about babies. Tell us about babies in your life, of all kinds, even ideas!

Tell us about the babies you’ve paid attention to in your life:

1. babies of family or friends


Lots of babies right now including a new baby of a church friend and an unrelated baptism at church this week. (When I go off Session, I will miss being part of the baptism conversations with parents.) The babies most on my mind today are the two pictured. So the tall one isn’t so much of a baby, but she was once upon a time. It’s hard to believe that was 13 years ago. I was–and still am–totally enamored of my friend’s baby who calls me auntie. While I haven’t been able to see her baby sister as much, I’m pretty in love with her, too (and I am fond of their brother as well). We will be honoring the little one on Sunday with a baby dedication, so I will miss the baptism at my church to be at the dedication at their church.

2. animal babies

Not a lot of experience with animal babies, though there is the story about the kitten my brother brought home. I had a party at our parents’ house, and everybody cuddled the new kitten. Then we discovered the ringworm. Ugh.

3. babies you remember in movies or on tv

I’m thinking of the sitcoms in the 80s that had a baby born one season and suddenly become a 4-year-old the next season. I kind of get that.

4. babies in the Bible

Moses, Samuel, John, Jesus, the baby the prostitutes were fighting over in the Solomon story… Lots of boys.

5. anything that may be a “baby” arising in your own life

There might be something. We’ll see. (edited to add: Vocationally!!! But very iffy and might be a long shot. I realized even before Terri’s comment that that might be taken a little too literally in the “baby” sense.)

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2 Responses to friday five: babies

  1. uhm, baby? Vocational? family member? new interest…? curious.

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