fall trip

We left home at 5:15 a.m. and had dinner in Boston with friends that night.

We stayed the first night on the beach in northeastern Massachusetts.

We drove to Vermont Friday just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Saturday we spent some time tromping in the woods before the wedding. I was fascinated by these trees that had been literally uprooted.

We changed clothes at the wedding site and hung out while photos were being taken. I think this picture of Shyguy is stunning (and it shows off the fall foliage).

It was my first Jewish wedding. The brides incorporated many Jewish traditions into a contemporary wedding service. The huppah is brought to the front.

My cousin is escorted down the aisle by her parents.

The brides are raised in chairs as the reception commences.IMG_9132We thoroughly enjoyed the reception. The food was delicious, and Wordgirl got to dance her heart out. Here she is with the bride who has just put her feathery hairpiece in the girl child’s hair. Pure joy!

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One Response to fall trip

  1. Terri says:

    A good friend of mine was the bride in an outdoor Jewish wedding with a huppa that processed through the woods. It was lovely. Sounds like you had a lovely trip.

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