monday morning musings

The girl child begins first grade tomorrow. That sounds pretty grown-up to me. Unless things change by tomorrow, she will be in class with both of her church friends (the 2nd cousins, the boy of which was in her class last year), but none of the school friends she made last year.

Church Friends starting kinder a year ago

Church Friends starting kinder a year ago

End of year with church friend

End of year with church friend

This is my last year with a child at home. The boy child will attend preschool three days a week and be home two.

My folks were here last week (Hi, Mom and Dad). Since they were here, I was able to spend time clearing and organizing my side of the home office. There are still some finishing touches like shelves, but I might actually be able to work in it now.

We’ve actually made it to the beach twice in the last two weeks, something I always hope to do given how close-ish we live. Two weeks ago I took my kids + Wordgirl’s church friend. It was fun, but a little rattling being one grown-up with three kids. Last week The kids and I met the Youth Director’s wife and her three kids and went together. She’s an English teacher and her older two are about 6 months older than my two (though reversed gender), so they’re at about equal levels. It was a relaxing, fun day.

They took turns burying each other

They took turns burying each other

Computerguy finished a project. He finished bookshelves he cut into our wall about 5 years ago, and found for me a box of books I was afraid I’d lost in a move that included books I am eager to share with the kids, particularly Enid Blyton’s Far Away Tree and Wishing Chair books. They are now on the shelf and I am eager to introduce them as soon as we finish the chapter books we’ve been reading with the girl-child. These, I think, will appeal to both kids.

The RevDoc returned from Europe on Saturday and is back in the office today. With the program year about to start up, nominating committee needing to jump on its tasks, some tough things in the last couple weeks, and stewardship to think about–not to mention Advent coming more quickly than not–there’s going to be a temptation to jump in all at once with both feet. My questions: How can we–staff members, Session members–help with re-entry? How can we “live sabbathly”?

Today the kids and I will hang out. We’ll go school supply and baby shower shopping. We may go to the pool. Shyguy wants to make a pumpkin pie.

Our passports have all arrived, so we can go to Montreal in September! So far we have plane tickets to Boston and a place to stay in Vermont (in the high holy leaf season–yikes!), so we’re doing amazingly well–for us–of planning ahead. Over the last couple months, I’ve read 8 Louise Penny mystery novels (and 1 novella) and am eagerly awaiting the 9th coming out late this month. I am so ready to go to Montreal.

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3 Responses to monday morning musings

  1. deanna Long says:

    It was so good that you REALLY got the office organized. That’s how I’m feeling as I’m going through the house!

  2. I have a Louise Penny mystery on my iPad and really wish I had not bought it through iBooks,but through a Kindle app so I could read it on my Kindle…sigh…so wishing the platforms were interchanageable.

    Anyway – I spent many many days at the beach (Lake Michigan) when my kids were little, it was one of our favorite things to do. So, how wonderful that you have friends to do this with too. And, wow, great trips coming up!

    I haven’t done a Monday Morning Musings in a long while…may need to remember that I use to do one every week and get back into the habit…thanks for the reminder!

    • bookgirl says:

      I wish they were compatible, too. I like the iBooks interface better than the Kindle App interface, but there is part of me that would like to get a simple Kindle for just reading, but then I’d have to buy my books in the Kindle format…

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