ten on tuesday

Playing the vintage Mary Poppins game at Indiana cousin's house during our busy traveling summer.

Playing the vintage Mary Poppins game at Indiana cousin’s house during our busy traveling summer.

1) It’s 8:30 and the kids are still asleep. Not sure for how much longer. I slept almost 10 hours last night. I’m glad they, too, are finally doing some catch-up sleeping.

2) Writer’s Camp (Zephyr Point Writing Retreat) was pretty great. I didn’t write a ton or get any grand new ideas, but I wrote some short pieces of a kind that might have a use this year.

3) Time with Indiana Cousin was delightful. It was fun to be together again after having just been together. The preliminaries were out of the way.

4) I still want to be Marilyn Chandler McEntyre when I grow up.


5) We dropped Shyguy off at preschool. Now Wordgirl and I are having a few hours of mother/daughter time. We played a game and I am currently forcing her to watch a Spanish television show. She picked Maya y Miguel. I have to finish this before it’s over.

6) School begins in two weeks. This year Wordgirl will be at 80% Spanish/20% English. We’re still very happy with the school and the system.

7) Shyguy will move up into Pre-K next week. It’s an exciting move for the kids. They LOVE their Pre-K teacher. In January they will start homework packets. Wordgirl can’t wait until Shyguy has homework.

8) Wordgirl wants to play soccer. It looks like we may still squeak in the registration deadline for our region (they added a date). We have pretty much zero experience with organized sports. It’s going to be interesting. (If we manage to get everything lined up and done. We miss more things by missing registration dates or components.)

9) Speaking of which, we did manage to get our passport applications sent off, so we should be okay for Montreal.

10) It was a fun summer of flitting here and there, but I’m pretty happy to be home and letting things get back to semi-normal. I’m still hoping to do a beach day or two in the next couple weeks, and we need to make it to the local pool, and we have tickets to a local children’s production of Pinocchio, and some little things like that.

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2 Responses to ten on tuesday

  1. deanna Long says:

    Sounds peaceful and relaxed. It feels that way in Mesa too!

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