passport renewal and other bits of life

We arrived home yesterday (Friday) afternoon from visiting Computerguy’s folks in Idaho. The kids and I leave for the Midwest early-thirty Monday morning. We have a weekend to get things in order…

After a slow start, I finished reading all the extant Maisie Dobbs books. I kind of accidentally found Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series looking for some books that had been recommended, but for which I had forgotten the specifics. I have been rather devouring them–with a little Anne Lamott in between, but I’ll save that for a different post. Inspector Gamache is way too good to be true, but I’m not sure I mind that in a hero. They are of the little village filled with eccentric characters not quite but almost cozy mysteries. They are darker than the true cozies, but have a lot of the other characteristics. They are set in a little village in Quebec, near Montreal.

T&RI was telling Computerguy about the series, that it reminded my of Paris–kind of the way Victoria on our side of the continent reminds me of England–and that I have never been to Quebec, but this made me want to go. He said, “How far is it from Vermont?” My cousin and her girlfriend are getting married in Vermont at the end of September. We already have tickets to go. Our trip is made necessarily short by the girlchild’s schooling (she will miss four days as it is), but we could go up for a day. Serendipity.

And then I remembered–my passport expired and I haven’t renewed it. CG wondered if his had expired by now, too. And we couldn’t remember about the kids. I figured if it was just me, I could even take care of it in Indiana, but if we needed to do something about a kid, I vaguely remembered both of us having to be present to sign the application. We were in Idaho, so we couldn’t do anything about it at the moment–couldn’t even check. The first thing I did when we got home was dig out our passports and check. Three out of four need to be renewed (the four-year-old’s 5-year passport was still good, though it will expire within the year and his picture is of a 4 or 6-week-old). I started looking up everything to see what we could do. CG and I can apply by mail, and the current processing time is only 4-6 weeks, so we should be okay. As for the girl child, we do both need to be present, but there is one post office in the area that does passport acceptance by appointment on Saturday. As soon as it opens, I will call to see if I can make an appointment. Saturday family outing: AAA for photos (one area AAA is open a few hours on saturday) and the post office to apply. And we will renew the boy child’s too, so they will be on the same time frame, and we won’t forget to do it in 11 months when it expires (and also give him an updated look. He was so little!).

If it all works out, I’ll get my Quebec trip. As many times as the book said “Vermont Border” it never even occurred to me this could be our opportunity. How fun is that!?!

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4 Responses to passport renewal and other bits of life

  1. deanna Long says:

    I drove up to Montreal with Tiffany driving in her car? We listened to books on tape. Was it Cathi who also went? I took Stephanie for Kyle’s graduation? I think I have a photo of Russ and Sarah there too? Hmmmmm. I’ll get out the old albums and see!

  2. Elizabeth Nordquist says:

    Love that you have devoured Louise Penny! the next one come out the last week in August; can’t wait! And delighted that you are getting to Quebec, on my list of places to go and be; my dad was from Montreal.
    Loved that GalPals posted your blog on Facebook this week.
    Traveling mercies; may the fruit of your pilgrimage be delicious!

    • bookgirl says:

      I’ll bet you mentioned Louise Penny a year ago when we were discussing books. I had a vague notion of something set in Canada when I was searching and then thought maybe I had swapped Canada for Australia because the time setting was wrong. I may have been conflating. 🙂 Thank you! (I’ve made a lot of pilgrimages because of book settings.) –Wendy

  3. Elizabeth Nordquist says:

    I am guessing that you conflated Louise Penny with Kerry Greenwood, not hard to do when a whole list is dumped in your lap. Traveling mercies!

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