date night

lemongrass inside lemongrass outsideThe kids are in Arizona and Computerguy took today off, so he and I went out last night for dinner and a movie. On our way to Vietnamese food one place, we noticed the new Vietnamese restaurant (Lemongrass) in our neighborhood was open (first day!!), so we made a quick u-turn and drove in. It’s a lovely space, big and roomy with geometric designs painted in browns and grays on the walls and metal geometric sculptures on the ceiling and a water wall. There was one other table of people eating when we entered, and later we saw them working. The extensive menu was Vietnamese and Thai, and the food was very good. We shared a huge bowl of our favorite Thai soup to begin (we ate half of it and brought home half, and that was the bowl, not the pot), Computerguy ordered the pork and vermicelli bowl and I had the pork and rice, both our normal Vietnamese choices. There were also dishes the kids would like if we came back, a problem at the other Vietnamese restaurant even though they like some Asian food. The waitstaff was VERY attentive. Every server came by at some point to see how we were doing. We loved being there that first day. (And I’ve vowed to start putting reviews on YELP. Must help get the word out.)

Then we went to the new-ish movie theater downtown to see the Star Trek movie. I liked it. I thought it was thoughtful and fun and both held on to and let go of Star Trek traditions. My only comment as we left was that in having movies rather than television episodes, everything had to be ramped up: the world might end! There can be no quieter, more thoughtful episodes.

I look at this new restaurant renovated from an old restaurant–at which we were the only customers–and this cinema built over an older cinema–and there were about 6 of us in this particular theater on a Wednesday night watching a several-week-old movie–and I am both impressed and saddened by the hope people have as they keep trying to bring new life and new business to this city. Is there a chance for either of these places? It’s a lovely restaurant and a nice theater, and I wonder if they will be there in a year?

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