not quite graduation celebrations

grad1The girl child had kindergarten promotion this week. I am amazed that the year is over. She had a great year. As they warned us, the first month all in Spanish was tough, but she made it through and loved the rest of the year. They took photos in caps and gowns a few weeks before graduation, and then they wore their school uniforms with paper caps for the ceremony. Pretty darn cute.



readingFriday afternoon I went to hear my friend (the mutual friend who introduced Computerguy and me) present her end-of-the-MFA-reading. My folks had the kids. The scheduled time was 4-6. When I arrived she told me she was next-to-last. When it didn’t even start until 4:30, I texted Computerguy and told him he could absolutely make it after work. I wondered how her story would be. I sat through the other students’ poetry and fiction. There were some nice moments. CG slipped in with about 4 to go. Finally it was our friend’s turn. She was brilliant and hilarious. It was great. I was so glad I came. Her sister came, and the two of us. We were so glad we made the effort. I had texted my folks to go ahead and feed the kids, so after the reading, we invited her to dinner and she declined saying she was tired and just wanted to go home. She invited us to graduation today, and we had to decline because we had too much going on. Her sister would be there. Computerguy said today that he woke up this morning thinking about her story, and being delighted. And that he wished we could have made it to the graduation.

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