wherein i become a car pool mom

IMG_1395We don’t have families that live close by. We take our kids to the charter school that is our compromise between public/private. We are preparing and leading workshops all over the area (M’s Mom), working part-time at work that takes planning and conversation and quiet writing time when sometimes a few extra hours is like heaven (me), beginning nursing school (A’s mom). Our spouses work full-time, though they may take kids to school and watch them evenings and weekends. Their jobs let us do what we are doing.

IMG_1398So we have complicated schedules. I get A T/Th and have M and her little brother some Thursdays, but if M’s mom doesn’t have a workshop on Tuesday she’ll get A and Wordgirl and take them for a playdate. If M is with us, I bring A home to play; if I just have WG, I drop A at his grandparents’ office. Sometimes the workshops are on Thursday and I have M’s little brother all day with my Shyguy who doesn’t go to preschool on Thursdays. A’s mom brings WG to my house Mondays so I don’t have to pack up SG and make an extra drive. Today I get M’s little brother from another mom in the carpool line and then pick up M and WG. And so on. And we all have this schedule on our computers and phones and text one another to double check.

The question in the morning at my house has become, “which car do you need?” Do I need the small car because I’m running around or the big car that fits everyone?

We don’t work 9 to 5. That takes a whole different kind of scheduling. We aren’t “Stay-at-Home Moms” either, though sometimes we look like it to our friends who work 40 hours a week. We live in this in-between world–for me, in some ways the best of both worlds–but it takes a lot of planning.

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One Response to wherein i become a car pool mom

  1. It really is the best of both worlds, but no doubt it takes a lot of coordinating…still, lovely you have someone, another mom, to share it with!

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