busy weekend


Yesterday morning we took out fundraiser airplane flight. We got an early morning email saying the fog was coming in over the ocean and wouldn’t be clearing, so we could switch to an inland destination or postpone for a couple weeks. Since we had grandparents this weekend, we decided to switch to the Lake Isabella/Kern Valley airport. The flight in the morning was smooth. Lunch was good. We walked down to the river. The flight back was a little bumpy. airplane headphoneComputerguy got to do some flying in the morning. I have sat on Session with the pilot my first year and this year, so I have been friendly with him, but we had never gotten to know one another on a personal level. (He had his mandated year off after three, found himself missing Session terribly, and was happy to be asked back this year.) I didn’t know his wife at all. So along with a fun adventure, we got to know this other couple really for the first time. (Full disclosure: I did get sick on the way back, but I think that may have had more to do with a bad reaction to burger and fries than the bumpiness of the flight. Or maybe a combination of the two.)

Saturday night I went out with Harvard Divinity Grad (soon to be Hospice Chaplain) who was on a quick visit from Boston, High School English Teacher, and some of HDG’s friends. It was a fun evening of lively conversation about life and relationships and church. After discovering the planned restaurant was closed, we ended up at the Mission Inn Lounge for drinks while waiting for a table at the Mexican Restaurant at the Inn.

Rehearsing before the service

Rehearsing before the service

Today was youth Sunday. The kids did a great job, and they were well-received. Everything went fairly smoothly; there were no major mishaps. They also looked great. One of them was still wearing his prom suit. (Four of them came straight from prom.) They sang and read and preached and prayed and led the service. I had two particularly special moments: IMG_1466The students surprised me just before the benediction when they gave me flowers and a card they had all signed. Wow. The pastor emeritus stopped and drew me in so he could tell me that he usually left youth Sunday shaking his head and wondering, but this year he did not feel that way. High praise indeed.

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2 Responses to busy weekend

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I think I would have felt ill from that bumpy ride too…

  2. Brittany says:

    So glad Youth Sunday went well! Thank you for giving the youth in your congregation a chance to share, learn and shine. You never know, one day one of those youth maybe the one who is overseeing the youth on Youth Sunday. 🙂

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