the boy and me

Computerguy and Wordgirl flew to Idaho this morning to visit his parents for the week. When I suggested he take her and go, I wasn’t picturing the whole week, but the practicality of timing and flight won out.

I have a particularly busy week with a couple things coming down the pike at my church job as well as regular Session committee meetings and such. So Shyguy will go to preschool his normal TWF schedule, and probably stay fairly late into the afternoon–at least T and F–because I can do little when he is here unless he is watching TV (as he is now), and I’d like to limit that somewhat. Wednesday I have double meetings, so I will drop him off at the babysitter’s swim meet where her folks will watch him until she is finished, and then she will bring him back to my house and stay with him until I get home. I may pick him up early–meaning regular time–from preschool that day, knowing he will have a full evening. But we’ll see. I have to be ready for the meeting.

When CG and I planned this, it just didn’t occur to me I would need a place for Shyguy on Wednesday evening. I am really used to counting on my spouse to have my back and trade off with the kids.

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2 Responses to the boy and me

  1. I too am blessed with a spouse who so readily shares parenting and other responsibilities!

  2. deanna Long says:

    And I have granddaddy nanny busy over here in Arizona this week…Oliver will enjoy his time with you!

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