who i am and whose i am

palm crossOn Saturday we made palm crosses to be handed out in church Sunday morning. The woman was especially proud of one she had made. Years of doing this and she says, “This may be the best one I’ve ever made,” and she pinned it to her blouse right there. Later, she was talking about the old ones placed around her house, mementoes of a parade of Palm Sundays. She said, “I wear it every day during Holy Week.” The RevDoc asked, “Why?” The answer was just this, “I suppose so I can remember who I am and whose I am.”

Sunday morning I was on the chancel as one of the lectors. As the RevDoc spoke about the sorrow of Holy week, and the hope of Christ (our hope in Christ), I looked out and saw the same woman weeping. At that moment, the RevDoc repeated those words, “We remember who we are and whose we are.” In community, we help one another remember.

I, too, will wear my palm cross every day this week.

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2 Responses to who i am and whose i am

  1. deanna Long says:

    Sounds like a beautiful happening!

  2. We don’t wear them in the Episcopal church – we place the crosses and fronds in places in our homes, places we will see everyday, reminding us to re-member who we are and whose we are. Lovely awareness of this woman and the Pastor…

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