palms and papers

palm-sundaypapers-to-gradeTeaching Shakespeare has been a delight. It was a great quarter, and I’m so glad I did it. (I will say once again, it was able to be such a good experience because Grandpa came and helped me on the home front.) The only problem is, it’s not actually over, but I’ve moved on. It’s almost Palm Sunday. Holy week is upon us. Then there’s the Sabbath retreat and the RevDoc will be leaving on sabbatical, and there’s a lot to do. Not so much of that is mine to do, but it’s where my focus is. I also am at a point where my church gig will be over in May, and I have to think about what that means, and what is next.

Yesterday afternoon, I was pushing it getting to the final on time because we were looking over the Palm Sunday order of worship I had helped build, and deciding if I should be added in as a lector (we already had two youth. I opted in, just for the morning prayer basically, but am currently second guessing myself. I think I have a better idea this morning. I’m not going to change it, though. Too many moving parts during Holy Week.) I made it, got the final copied, and was in the classroom about 10 minutes ahead, but if there had been any traffic, I could’ve been in trouble.

Now I will spend the next few days grading 78 papers while my readers grade the finals and I put it all together, and thinking and praying  about what’s next. Except Sunday morning when I will be herding small children as they rehearse the processional and big kids as they rehearse the Palm lectionary as I arranged it, and writing the prayers of the people, and being a part of proclaiming: Hosanna, blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

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2 Responses to palms and papers

  1. deanna Long says:

    What an agenda! Some days I just write out one day’s happenings so I can get through it without missing any!

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