an unexpected sabbath

Yesterday, as I was walking across the courtyard at church, Youth Guy’s daughter greeted me excitedly and asked, “Can we come to your house today?” I said, “Sure” and looked at her mom. Her mom said, “Actually, Youth Guy is taking the youth to the snow. We came in one car, and the kids and I need a place to hang out this afternoon. I was going to ask.” We had seen them, but not for more than a few minutes at a time since they had a new baby, so this was perfect.

checkersThey had lunch at the church with the youth while we scurried home and did a quick triage to the living room. Then we spent the afternoon chatting while the kids played outside, and then playing games with them, and then we put on a DVD of Pixar Shorts Youth Guy’s son saw on our shelf, and everyone enjoyed that.  It’s fun to have kids who are grown up enough to enjoy one another and be able to play together. And I got my turn to hold the 4-week-old baby. My favorite part of the day may have been watching Wordgirl and Youth Guy’s son sitting on the floor playing checkers.

Finally, when we realized Youth Guy was going to be longer than we thought, I made eggs and pancakes for everyone, and just as we were finishing dinner, he showed up, and they headed out. It was a delightful afternoon!

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2 Responses to an unexpected sabbath

  1. deanna Long says:

    What a wonderful day!!!

  2. Oh, I always loved playdates that included moms and kids! FUN…

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