wordgirl turns 6

Wordgirl turned 6 yesterday. Since it was a Saturday, her birthday party was on her birthday. For months she has been talking about having an art show birthday party. It was perfect. It was a gorgeous, perfect Southern California February day. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too warm or windy (our biggest concern). We were able to set everything up outside. We had arts stations: painting, clay, pastels, collage, and a scribble wall. There were I think 14 kids in all with little siblings and big sibling added in, and they wandered from station to station and back as well as just played in the yard. I had ordered felt berets and art aprons that they got to choose and keep, along with any art creations they made. The painting and clay got the most use, but a few of them dabbled with pastels and collage. The scribble wall pretty well got missed. They made art, played hard, ate cake, opened gifts, and slowly made their way out. It was a great party!

02 Cake

Decorating the Cake

03 painting

Painting Table

04 Art

Drying Paintings

05 Umbrella

Opening Family Gifts

040 sign-up

Sign Post

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3 Responses to wordgirl turns 6

  1. Deanna Long says:

    A joy tone there! Grandma and great grandma were there side by side all day!

  2. Silent says:

    That sounds like a great party idea!

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