why i love the interwebz

I was filling out a recommendation form, and I didn’t like what I said, so I found the original website and printed out a new second page (first page was fine and had the student’s signature on it) and re-did it. Yay for the interwebz!

I never quite managed to get the kids to the store to pick out Valentines. Yesterday I thought I could do it between picking them up from preschool/friend’s house and going back to church for the Ash Wednesday service, but the time got short and a half hour chilling at home was necessary for all of us and well to be chosen over running in to Target. We didn’t get home until after 9 last night after the service and dinner out with friends.

This morning I did a quick search for Valentines on line and there are a plethora of them, offered free for personal use by their creators. They’re delightful. We have many from which to choose.

I love the interwebz and the spirit of sharing behind so much of it. It saves me again and again.

I think we’ll do these bookmarks, but if the girl child wakes up in time, I will let her choose:


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4 Responses to why i love the interwebz

  1. deanna Long says:

    What a wonderful, original way to do Valentines, especially for booklovers! Save me one.

  2. I never got to get a Valentine’s Day card for my husband. Instead I used a blank card that I had with a beautiful photo image on it, wrote a poem about what he means to me and put it inside. Best card I ever gave him, I suspect.

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