pumpkin pie (from a pumpkin)

On Friday night, the girl child was at a sleepover birthday party, so the boy child was an only child. He came into the house about 4 in the afternoon carrying a pumpkin we had never carved at Halloween and said, “I want to make a pumpkin pie.” So we did.









We roasted the pumpkin. (Evidently he lost his pants between bringing in the pumpkin and it being roasted.)








We made the filling (involving mixer AND blender). I had a roll-out pie crust on hand. I used to make pie crusts. Maybe I’ll try again some year, but not that night. Note, even with the perfectly circular roll-out crust, I manage to get it uneven. Imagine me starting with a ball o’ dough.








We baked it.








And we thoroughly enjoyed eating it.









The pumpkin made enough filling for a pie plus a crustless pudding thing. It was kind of fun, but a lot of work and a lot of dishes, and the canned pumpkin is maybe a little richer tasting, though it’s hard to pin down a difference.

So, I have now made a pie from a pumpkin. Not sure that was on my bucket list or anything, but it was interesting.


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2 Responses to pumpkin pie (from a pumpkin)

  1. deanna Long says:

    I’ve never made one from a pumpkin! If Oliver brings it in, how can you resist! He loves that time! And Kendra loves her parties! And I missed out on Pumpkin pie! Love the explanation for loss of clothing.

  2. I’ve done that before too – and it is a lot of work. I also like to fill pumpkins with stuff – sausage and rice and veggies, and bake it – makes for a delicious fall dinner. Really fun that you did this with your son – what a great memory!

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