2012 in review

As a part of reviewing the year, I decided to go through my photos for the year and quickly, without over-thinking, picked one from each month that seemed somehow to represent the month/year.

January: Wordgirl and I made a 3 Kings game for Epiphany.









February: Wordgirl’s 5th birthday. We had her first real birthday party. She used the Scrabble tiles to spell out the names of her guests.








March: Shakespeare Association Annual Meeting in Boston over Easter weekend. I picked Shakespeare over church, but that gave me time with Harvard Divinity Grad (now Chaplain Intern).









April: Shyguy turned 3! His grandpa turned 71 the same day and we celebrated with both of them.







May: Family Camp. We finally went. It turned out to be a weekend with some important conversations.







June: Computerguy’s parents’ 50th anniversary celebration in Boise, Idaho. Pop got out the rubber raft at my request and I remembered that I actually prefer rafting (i.e. floating, preferably with a book) to the kayaking or sailing they do more often.







July: Writer’s Conference with my cousin.









August: Wordgirl started kindergarten, a big milestone for all of us.








September: We continue to shift and adjust the house and I like it better and better. The sofas were against the wall so we could have the carpets cleaned. We replaced them differently than they had been, and totally reclaimed the room (and the kids had fun with the standing sofas).









October: A Tables for 8/9 Group. We had several chances to entertain like grown-ups this year. It was fun.







November: Friday Night Pizza and a Movie Night. The kids are getting old enough to enjoy some fun family evenings in a new way. This was the week before Thanksgiving, and they’d each made Indian headdresses in their respective school.







December: It was all about the church, beginning with the Pageant.




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One Response to 2012 in review

  1. Sweet! Fun to see a year in review in photos!

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