agoodwordpdfcoverLandon Whitsitt, pastor, author of Open Source Church, and former vice-moderator of the PC(USA), has compiled a group of sermons/prayers/liturgies written in response to the events of last week. He is offering it as a free ebook on his blog.

I am in the book, but not the table of contents. The poem I wrote for this year’s Advent Meditation book appeared on Sunday, December 16. Our former associate pastor saw it that morning and included it in his sermon which he posted on his blog (after letting me know and asking permission to use it). The AP’s sermon is in the book, and within that, my poem.

We live in a fascinating world. This compilation offers light in a dark world. These pastors, people who have given their lives to proclaim Good News and to shepherd God’s people through all of the complex turns of life, spent two days wondering and praying, talking and writing, processing for themselves (the RevGals proclaimed an early preacher party as a space to come together to think and pray and ponder and process in community) so that on Joy Sunday they could have the Word their community needed.

And Whitsitt has made a record of that. Nice.

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