a plan

2 womenKristin and I have emailed one another a couple of times. She has posted some of her ideas at her place, Liberation Theology Lutheran. I’m thinking of using the Visitation (Mary and Elizabeth, hence “Two Women” to the left) and the Magnificat, of coloring stars and writing haiku, of listening to songs and looking at art, of thinking about miracles and giving praise. It will be fun to put together. There will be some pieces that tie it in with what we’ve been doing this Advent, and some pieces that tie it to the worship service that follows. It’s not big and flashy. It’ll be simple, but I think it will let people find their way into the Gospel, and maybe think about how God is working in their lives. And that’s all it needs to do, I think.

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One Response to a plan

  1. Deanna Long says:

    I finally had time to read your Christmas pageant blog and see ALL the photos….what a joy to watch your mind being played out! Beautiful. And you know one of my favorite scriptures is the visitation. We are enjoying our little love bugs all day and all night long. At the Tucson hotel and I’m catching up on my email! Mom

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