we wish you a merry christmas

This was “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” the finale of the preschool Christmas program. Shyguy is in the green shirt on the floor. There are more kids to the left. I was so enraptured by his performance with his little class of three on the stage that I totally forgot to grab a photo. Computerguy did video the whole performance. I was impressed that my boy actually did hand motions and clapped and danced. I heard several people who don’t know us saying things like, “Who is that? He’s so cute!”

I have a reflection written regarding last week’s pageant, but I’m waiting to add photos, and for those I’m waiting for the photographer to put them on a flash drive for me. I’ll probably get them Sunday.

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2 Responses to we wish you a merry christmas

  1. gdn2008 says:

    Very good – what a guy …

  2. deanna Long says:

    He makes such cute moves, followed by his bow!

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