advent meditation site: process

A year ago, FPCSB congregation members wrote Advent Meditations. I was sitting in a nurture committee meeting and the AP mentioned that he was putting them online, but it was slow going. I offered to help, so he sent me the Publisher document; he started at the beginning and I started at the end, and we got them posted so they would “magically” appear each day during Advent. It was fun.

He set the page up so that it matched the rest of the church website. There is definitely something to be said for consistency across a website; however, at some point I came across this Advent devotion site, and I thought, “Ohhhh, that looks like an Advent site.” I kept that in the back of my head.

This year, without an AP, I am pretty much the web administrator, so I double-checked with the RevDoc, and then played with the page to give it an Advent look. It’s nothing fancy, and not quite as immediately powerful as the Johnson Memorial Methodist page, but I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I’m still tinkering, but the foundation is up. I really wanted to use the picture from the printed booklet that had the church building with the stars over it in the header, but was stumped on the dimensions. The RevDoc suggested using the photo and tiling the stars with the church name under them. ComputerGuy helped me figure out how to use the small square from the same picture as the basis for the background so the colors match and there is texture. The booklet is a true collaboration led by the OfficeAdministrator, and the website is a collaborative work, too. I am grateful to be in community even when I’m tinkering on the computer.

Here is the site. Meditations will begin posting on December 2. I’ll put a link on my sidebar sometime this week.

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One Response to advent meditation site: process

  1. Kim Matthews says:

    Oh, I like it! It looks great. Thank you for the very nice comments about our Advent devotional site. You wrote, “and we got them posted so they would “magically” appear each day during Advent. It was fun.” I just finished doing that with ours, and I will enjoy having everything prepared so that it all “magically” goes out when it is supposed to. It’s a great feeling to have anything ready to go.

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